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Self explanatory, a pool filled with plastic coloured balls where kids gather inside to wade around in as they pelt other kids with balls. More deviously used is for pedophiles to hide in futilely to molest young children or to fap in the pit. Needless to say, with a combination of piss, bacteria and sperm.
Damnit, this was the third adult we had to escort out of the place today for hiding in the ball pit.
by Random Employee #2 May 17, 2009
ball pit (n) - Synonym of sausage fest. A room full of men, hence a room full of testes, or balls.
Shit, Jeff, this party is a ball pit, let's get the hell out of here.
by le1ca July 11, 2010
The area in between the ball and the thigh. Dick pit
"Hey man, just because my balls are so big I can hide objects in both of my ball pits...doesnt mean you have to be mad at me because you're jealous"
by CJay Kilpatrick June 24, 2008
A group of older males inside of the Chuckie Cheese restroom. No other part of the body may touch the child/victim except for the testicles. The child/victim is then pushed around to where they then are repeatedly subjected to balls in their face. (It can be done in any other restaraunt targeted for children as long as an actual ball pit is present to avoid a blabber mouth child saying something like...CONTINUE TO EXAMPLE)
Emotionally scarred and in tears the child says, "Mom!". "What is it son?" replied the mother to her fairly distraught son. "I got stuck in a ball pit and couldn't find my way out...," say's the child. "Oh it's ok darling, it was bound to happen some time," says the mother still completely oblivious to the emotional trauma actually caused to her son.
by CJay Kilpatrick June 24, 2008
Lots of males in one place, usually naked.
My gym locker room turned into a total ball pit after new years, naked dudes everywhere.
by kairamat January 16, 2015
A term for a woman's vagina.
"I'd get all up in that ball pit like I was at Chuck Cheese's, 24/7."
by Wagnarock March 25, 2008
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