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Similar to the teabag, in this instance, the male places his genitals on top of the head of a female partner, (or a friend to be embarrassed). The balls rest on their head as if they were a cap, the penis of course is the Bill of the Ball Cap.
That asshole went out on a date with my sister, I came home and they were watching TV on my couch so i just gave him a ball cap.
by Littlelando17 October 11, 2008
A term that is synonymous with "regular guy." Coined after the caps they wear, which often display the logo of a favorite sports team, company or organization. Many regular guys prefer this kind of logo-wear, and don't seem to mind paying for such items.
1. Said by a woman to her girlfriend: OMG, look at that ballcap! I wonder if he has any hair under that stupid hat?

2. Those ballcaps at the home-center store always stare at my breasts. I'm sure they are harmless, but they give me the creeps! (Also said by a woman to her girlfriend.)

3. That drunken and rude ballcap asked me for directions. I'm sure he didn't understand what I told him.
by rook's Buddy May 22, 2010
Cap worn whilst balling
What up, Captain that's one helluva a ball cap you're wearin??
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003