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Sideburns in excess of 2 inches in length. See also: Van Buren, Martin
Martin Van Buren had a mad set of mutton chops.
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
A breakfast meal consisting of one dozen or more food items.
That badbastard this morning gave me righteous diarrhea.
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
Any object used in competition that is 1/2 the size of your opponent's
I would have won that turkey jerk off contest had my bird not had a shitsuperstar penis
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
Cap worn whilst balling
What up, Captain that's one helluva a ball cap you're wearin??
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
Old man stink see also: Foagie Funk
Why does that elevator smell like stetson, fucking geezers.
by WOTWIDTCI April 14, 2003
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