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1.) to have sex with one's balls. 2.) masturbating the penis on a scrotum, often with the aid of a water-soluble lubricant. 3.) placing your penis on a pair of balls while one nut is flopped over the top of the penis creating a ball tunnel in which to have sex with.
My boyfriend's asshole is on the rag so we had to ball fuck.

Last night my boyfriend was riding me reverse cowgirl and pointed his boner downward so he could ball fuck me.
by StewartKeiserNovak January 22, 2010
To stick you sweaty sack into the girl's pussy or ass and fuck the shit out of her with your balls.
Bill couldn't get an ARB so he decided to ball fuck Christinea in the ass with his ginormous scrotum.
by E&G-2A March 13, 2005
To insert one's balls into the vag
"I'll ball-fuck you all night, but if you so much as touch my shaft I will punch you in the neck"
by Danny Styles October 26, 2004
when a male lays down on his back, splits both balls to the side and slide you dick in between the balls.
flap the 2 balls over your dick and precede to fuck
dude my girlfriend left so i ball fuck men now
by scalpin coons July 13, 2009
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