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1.) to have sex with one's balls. 2.) masturbating the penis on a scrotum, often with the aid of a water-soluble lubricant. 3.) placing your penis on a pair of balls while one nut is flopped over the top of the penis creating a ball tunnel in which to have sex with.
My boyfriend's asshole is on the rag so we had to ball fuck.

Last night my boyfriend was riding me reverse cowgirl and pointed his boner downward so he could ball fuck me.
by StewartKeiserNovak January 22, 2010
1) a homosexual sex position where the two partners spread their legs and rub their balls together. 2) a non-penatrative form of sex in which two men stimulate each other by rubbing scrotums. 3) an act of love where two males slam their bags together repeatedly in order to show affection.
Edgar doesn't like to ball scissor with Hector because Hector refuses to trim his pubes and that creates a lot of resistance.

Pete got slapped by Rodney for farting while they were ball scissoring.

Rudy was ball scissoring so hard that he started cumming blood.
by StewartKeiserNovak January 27, 2010

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