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When a male is analy penetrating a women and his ball sack continually slams into her vag. Causing twice the pleasure for her
Last night Mindy let me put it in her ass so i returned the favor and ball bagged her. She enjoyed it. (ball bagging)
by Tim G and Dan D July 15, 2008
if someone is rumbling they are getting wound-up , short in temper , bitching about someone , nagging or just being a general arsehole. Mostly used around colley gate
me mom kept ballbagging at me coz' i come back scrumbugged ayit
by colley gater January 03, 2010
fighting or romance between two males. they each take it in turn to spin around and whack their ball sac againt the other males ball sac, first one to wimp out loses
dan: hey dude!
si : hey!
dan: fancy a game of ball bagging?
si : no fuck off you fag
by kornrock June 03, 2005
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