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A general term encompassing all peoples supremely intrigued by MMORPG, RPG, RTS, FPS, TPS, Fighters, and every other type of video game. These individuals also have a tendency to role play, usually by means of DnD or LARP; they can explain the plots of most Anime's and Comics; they typically frequent science fiction and fantasy conventions; read science fiction and fantasy novels; are extremely socially awkward and usually remain in groups for social safety. A Balconite can be detected by: his/her unique fascination with fantasy, awkward social interaction, and usage of the word Epic.
Look at those two balconites larping over there.
That kid has a purple lightsabre and keeps using the word epic, he must be a balconite.
I can't beat this RPG, I should probably call my balconite buddy Jim to help me.
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