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A word to replace fuckin in any situation.

Can also be used as an adjective
Those shoes are bakaakin awesome.
Those shoes are totally bakaakin.
I want to bakaakin her real hard.
by DerbeDhruv April 04, 2011
A word which can be used in place of "fucking", in any sentence.

Can be used when you are unsure of what to say.
That was one bakaakin movie!
That chick has amazing bakaakins, and I'm gonna bakaakin her.
What the bakaakin is going on here?

Hans(to Archibald): Bakaakin!
Archibald: why the fuckin' bakaakin are you so happy today?
by babajaba April 13, 2011
The very coolest thing in the world that could have and will ever exist.

Also, a word to be used to replace a word that you just can't fackin' remember!
"I'm thinking google+ could very well be the most bakaakin thing I've seen this week/my life"

"Whoa, this beer makes you bakaakin like a bakaak."

Archibald - "Lucy, you make me so bakaakin' horny."

Hans - "Now that's a bakaakin bold statement."

Lucy - "you bakaakin horndog, you!" (proceeds to rip off her top)
by DerbeDhruv July 01, 2011
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