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Small spirit that lives inside all living things. In times of extreme emotion, it leaves the body.

Alt. spellings: Bajeezus, Ba-Jesus
"Holy crap, you scared the Bajesus outta me!"
by Bob Frapples March 19, 2004
Also spelled b'jesus, bjesus, or bejesus.
Modification of "by Jesus". Seldom used literally.
Similar to "b'golly" but more grown-up.
(upon seeing someone naked you didn't want to see and for a good reason):"OH BAJESUS!"
by Bad Mutha Hubbard January 22, 2007
to scare someone to the extent of pissing your pants
"That movie scared the bajesus out of me!"
by chris hunt November 05, 2003
usualy used by adults when there ready to beat you down
im gonna beat the bajesus out of you!
by mike April 24, 2003
A hole in the crotch area, which would be inapproate to say at this moment becuse my mom is watching me type this.
OH NO Don't go in that bajesus!!! There are little crabs in there!!
by None of your bizzness August 23, 2008
its a totally awsome word meaning anything created by ALBERT RIPPEL
it hurts like a ba-jesus.
o my ba-jesus
by Albert RIppel April 22, 2005
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