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2.A girl's name found mainly in Iran.
1.It's spring again and the flower's have bloomed.
2.Bahar,you've gone and messed everything up again!!!
by Bahar December 31, 2004
A beautiful Turkish name which means Spring like the season. Any girl which has this name will make you become addicted to her smell, her laughter and her colourful way of living. She will teach you to love like no other. You will feel warmth and desire when she is with you and feel the winter when she is not.
Oh wow, Bahar is almost here. --> Oh wow spring is almost here!
by besasu December 15, 2011
a) In business: To steal someone's idea, then form a rival Group with a similar sounding name to compete against them. Mostly just to f**k with their heads.
b) 'Bahar-ing' or, to 'Bahar' is also a guerrilla marketing campaign, when a Company that once prided itself on exclusivity and rarity finds itself hawking coffee mugs, toe-nail clippers, tacky theme-parks and leisure suits.
eg.1) So I come up with this great workout for 'abs in 5 minutes', and this prick hears about it and launches '5-minute abs' ! I just got Bahar'ed!
eg. 2) Check out the new Ferrari Happy Meal! It's Bahar-ific!
by Bahar's Passport December 27, 2010
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