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A word/phrase used to annoy the hell out of adults and some teens. the word was created by a group of teen-age boys. it wasn't intended to become popular, but became an overnight sensation. most guys, and some girls make the noise. generally, people who dont like the noise cannot make it. the word is pronounced Baaeeeh in a high pitched voice. other words were created off of this word such as, berg (burg), duyaye (die-i), dagh (daggg), oooog (pronounced as sounds), and annoy people just as much as bagh. The phrase is all over the net and is popular on Youtube. the teens who make the noise are usually the popular kids. unpopular kids usually cant make the noise, or just dont want to embarrass themselves. The noise has been banned either from certain classrooms, or schools in general. to some people the noise is annoying and headache worthy, but in my opinion the noise is humorous and entertaining. to sum it all up: Bagh is a funny way to see teen boys get in trouble.

Brandon: hey freshie, can i borrow a pen?!
Kaylee: No.
Brandon *in Kaylee's face* BAGH!!!
Kaylee: Fuck you
by boymeetsgirl June 30, 2012
A noise that young hoodlums find humor in making by annoying adults and/or teachers. They will make this noise at anytime, anywhere, and they will make the noise constantly until they are kicked in their genitalia.
Ronald: "BAGH! You're an ugly!!!"
William: "...*cough*..."
by ColeFaustus18 June 24, 2012
My mom forcing the shit out...
<i>Pfft..</i> BAGH!!
by BAGHMASTER May 14, 2004
A more bitter form of bah
BAGH! Ive had enough of your un-pirate like ways!
by John November 15, 2003
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