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Every demeaning word you call a girl who is otherwise known as a slut put all together to form one MEGA-WORD.
Yo Zane that "Bagerger" is all up on you am i gonna have to choke a bitch?
by six nine brosk September 20, 2010
30 12
a trashy, ugly girl who also has a very unlikable personality. The term (pronounced buh-gur-gur) was first made famous in upstate New York but sadly the bagerger epidemic has spread worldwide. Luckily most bagergers are fat and easy to get away from. However if you do need to get a bagerger's attention, they answer to the call of "here gergie gergie" or "yo i got free food over here".
If you see a bagerger, kill it on sight. Do it for the good of the world.
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013
14 1