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A woman who will fight to the death for a hand bag made from the most expensive animal avalible.
Ex. 1
Mark: Dude, check out her new bag!
Peter: Yeah, it's made from gorilla skin.
Mark: What a bag slag!

Ex. 2
Helen: Check out my hand bag, it's made from elephant ivory.
Peter: Damn! You are a real bag slag!

An Arcade-League game featured in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.
by Luke8902 November 13, 2007
Similar to "swamp ass" but found in the male gentile region. It is used as an insult to describe someone or something of a foul nature.
Johnny: Bro, did you meet the new boss?
Jimmy: Yea man, he's worse than "bag slag" on a hot summer day.
by IMsmith October 28, 2011
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