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1. An alternative to today's silly emo trend. Has some values of orginal emo. Takes its name from crows, because they are the most emo brids but also very vicious. For those too violent to be emo.

2. A name for music which you feel you could go crazy to or inspires violent tendancies.

3. Someone who can throw shapes like no one's business, likes to drink (sometimes cider), and will bash you in if angered in any small way. Lethal at a gig. Lashes out for revenge.
1. "Crow-mo is far more exciting than emo, less crying for one."

2. "That fucking tune makes me want to go crow-mo and throw some shapes! IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!"

3. "That crow-mo girl was just drinking cider and then this emo chick bashed into her and now the emo-chick has a bald spot."

by HxCxSxC April 10, 2006
1. A creative insult for a person, usually a girl, who has many sexual partners. See slag

2. An actual bag filled with slags.

3. A general greeting, not meant to cause offense.
1. "Croy is such a slag-bag, she gives blow-jobs for crack behind Burger King."

2. "And then I slammed him with a slag-bag and his eye is still swollen!"

3. "Hey, you slag-bag, what's up?"
by HxCxSxC April 10, 2006

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