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1.Person with a sexually appealing body but ugly face. Said a sexual encounter would only be possible by placing a paper bag on their head, hence the term 'bag job'. See also butterface and prawn.
1.I'd fuck Trish, but she would have to be a bag job.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
a woman with a face so ugly, you could only stand having sex with her if she put her head in a paper bag

see also: BOBFOC, Butterface
"omg, that girl is damn ugly!"
"she got a nice body though"
"definately a bag job"
by Decrepit Cucumber May 30, 2007
An individual who is in all ways suitable for a sexual encounter with the exception of their face... Which is easily fixed by putting a paper bag on it.
Look at the legs on that chick! Mmmm and the tits.
Damn. Hmmm hangon... bag job!
by jasef December 16, 2003
When your jerking off and don't have lotion you get a bag of herrs potato chips and flip the bag inside out put it on your hand and beat off using the grease as lube.
I asked Trish to give me a bag job since she had real dry hands.
by Trizzy-jhizzy May 05, 2011
Someone who you fuck although they're ugly. The metaphor is sticking a bag over their head so you don't have to look at them while you bang them. You could be fucking them because you're desperate. You might be fucking them because you like them so much (for their brains, personality etc) that you don't notice how ugly they are. Compare and contrast with 'gag job'.
Jane's a great bag job. I enjoy our pillow talk so much that I forget what a lame fuck she is.
by Mr Whoohoo December 27, 2006
When a woman sucks on your sack until you come.
When I asked for a bag job, she said won't your dick hit my face?
by Tom B. Stone January 27, 2009
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