bae is a word in danish that means poo.
Can you pick up my dog's bae
#poop #poo #pee #boots #uran
by RyPanda2248 July 28, 2014
the worst excuse for a word. it does NOT mean before anyone else. it just means "i'm trying to be cool and failing at it so i'm gonna use a word of ethnic origin".
'Textin the bae'
'Get the fuck off the internet and get yourself a personality you basic.'
#bae #basic #bitches #dumb #ass
by July 06, 2014
Using the word "bae" means you want to irritate someone by saying it. If you were dating them you woulnt call them bae you say babe. Using bae is used to annoy or irritate somebody.
Stupid Friend: "Hey Bae whats up?"

You: Shut up.

Stupid Friend: Aw whats wrong bae?"
##bae ##annoying ##irritation ##babe ##annoyingfriend
by heybae February 13, 2014
Baby, boo, sweetie.
It can mean any of those terms and is most often heard in Western Florida.
Ily bae . <3
#baby #boo #bae #sweetie #honey #girly
by DreaBaeXXX December 12, 2008
A word used by degenerate Spawns of Ghetto drug addicts to describe their significant other. Since their simple mutant brains cannot comprehend proper grammar they spit this vile shit out of their disgusting meth ravaged mouths. This is why drug addicts should be executed or they should be fixed so they do not create mutant spawn.
Degenerate: Aye, I luv my bae!

Me: You are a blight that needs to be purged, come die you disgrace to humanity.
#bae #ghetto #retard #niggertalk #overused
by Bloodlord666 June 30, 2014
Best At Everything
She's the B.A.E.
by bitstripslang November 18, 2015
A word used by 10-13 year olds to describe their Babe or Before anyone else.
Bae is the most annoying thing anyone has ever came up with and pisses anyone who has hit puberty off.
I dont understand why my dad punched me after i told him about my Bae.
Me neither John lets go look at lady parts on the internet.

Me and my Bae kissed yesterday and we used tongues.
Oh my god John i hope you didnt get her pregnant.
I know Tom my mom would kill me.

Hey Michael let me tell you about how fucking stupid i am Bae.
You sure are fuckhead.
#bae #stupid #children #annoying #cunts
by joeeking August 05, 2014
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