doing a badman - is also known as doing a carboni, or doing a freddy. this word derives from the baddest man of all. name Frederico Carboni. an italian related to a terroist, who came to a private school to show his badman ways to all around. his name 'BADMAN' soon stuck from pupils and teachers alike.
person 1: WOW, did you see that guy throw a rock at that granny?
person 2: he is being a badman!!!

PERSON 1: that frederico carboni is a bad bad man. who knows what he will do next?
by themagicalmagician February 16, 2011
A devil. Someone who whispers evil temptations in your ear. Someone who makes you thing inappropriately.
Keep away from that guy, he's a bad man." "Don't worry know one will ever know, blalala.
by 21st century gent March 07, 2011
a real man who ain't never scared... holds a glock and will hit your mother with a bat and still go over by her house for thanksgiving dinner.
That Bad Man take my bike and all I did was smile :(.
by Bee-tach December 11, 2003
he da junior badman of weston.
by hahahodcgvrhtfhdcbo cm May 05, 2011
name for a hard bloke.seen as a bit of a prick sometimes
mans gonna get you

yeah hes a badman
by dopejam March 17, 2007
someone who hits skinny blonde girls on the ass
Badman goes to skinny blonde girls house and slaps her in the ass and then proceeds to beat some sense into her.
by SkinnyBitch01 April 04, 2010
A lad that gets a stiffy when talking to a drunk girl.
You Amaad! You're a Badman!!!
by BadMan, Amaad December 14, 2010

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