A lad that gets a stiffy when talking to a drunk girl.
You Amaad! You're a Badman!!!
by BadMan, Amaad December 14, 2010
a guy who thinks he is proper hard but is actually a puzzy
'badman'-brap brap batty boi is a badman yeah,ya get me! is i gonna shank you up standard blad, i is bare safe ye get me pussyole

actual hardcase-fuck you

'badman'-yes sir............

<so called 'badman' runs away sfter pissing his pants
by Evan4401 October 04, 2010
A Badman is someone who is confident in themselves and often knows what to do in any given situation.
Harriet: Damn Bunny, how did you pull that off.

Bunny: I guess I'm just a Badman.
by Bunny420. May 11, 2009
Someone who is terribly bad. They don't have to be a man, they can just be a bad man!

Bad Men usually smell really bad, usually of soot and poo.

Bad men are usually the person you end up sitting next to in class, or on a train. You can really smell them when your so close...disgusting.
Tom NOTON: What you want to do?

Sarah MATKIN: Nothing...i hate you!


Sarah MATKIN: I smell of soot and poo!
by TomNOTON November 15, 2007
Often used in a sarcastic tone to indicate someone who has bitches, hoes, and be rollin' in cash and gash, especially in his council estate in Tower Hamlets.
Kamal, you're such a badman!

by Teh Raphroman March 05, 2008
Used by neeks, and arseholes as a term of celebration or as a way of describing themselves. Often the people that use it seriously are losers who think they're "gangsta"

Note: can be used to take the piss out of people who think they're "gangsta". Another good/insulting variation is to call them "goodman"

see also: neek
Teacher: There will be no homework this weekend

Idiot: Badman! Badman!

Idiot: Me? Im'a Badman

Idiot: Dat Gustav...'es a proper Badman
by Rizla (lol) December 19, 2004

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