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Bad + attitude. Sometimes pronounced baaaditude.

In the workplace, baditude describes someone with serious authority issues or an apathic, disrespectful or slacker-ish attitude.

Goofus spends half his time dissing the boss behinds his back for micromanaging. When Goofus is out, we gossip about his latest screed and dissect his personality and baditude.

Miss Baditude: They don’t pay me enough to smile at the customers.
Diane: Grrl, you’ve got baditude!
by Mandingoe January 03, 2008
Combination of the words bad and attitude.
Man, he's got a baditude.
by Ken Cenerelli August 22, 2005
A foul, angry, or rude mood; negative personality; a term to describe a person who makes others miserable or is a drag to be around. Used most especially to describe a person who is routinely one of the above.
"Man, that Sharon has one baditude. Does she ever smile?"
Or, "Is he having a bad day, or has he got a baditude?"
by Ankle Rub May 31, 2009
= Bad Attitude (Attitude, Bad Disposition, Bad Mental State, Being a Pain in the Ass)
He gets a baditude toward everything he doesn't like doing.

Drop da baditude fore I boop ya n da head.

He sure got 1 baditude.
by HuckleberryH September 17, 2010
To have a bad attitude.
Cassie had a hard time getting along with people. She had a real baditude.
by RebeccaNYC May 31, 2007
One has a baditude if they are acting like a dumb cunt.
You have a baditude you dumb cunt.
by Richard G November 10, 2006
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