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A con trick, which begins with a jailbait.

For the purpose of this definition the jailbait is named Jane. This is a generic name for the purpose of this definition. No offence is intended towards any real life Janes who may be adult, consenting, law-abiding, honest, and clean living.

Jane is sunbathing alone on a beach, wearing only a skimpy bikini. Soon a single man called Mark, approaches and lies down next to her.

Jane smiles. Mark smiles back.

A conversation follows. First small talk about the sunny weather, but goes onto pop music, fashion, and skateboarding.

Who is grooming whom? We shall soon see!

They progresses to holding hands.

"It's too hot out", says Jane, "Lets go to my place!" - or maybe they go for a meal at McDonalds on the way. Mark pays of course.

At her place, it is empty. They go upstairs and begin to fumble.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opens, and Jane's mother comes in, slaps her in the face, and starts screaming at Jane. Mark's todger droops immediately, and any sexual feelings immediately evapourates.

The Jane's father comes in, a big hard man with tattoos all over him, sees Mark, and shakes him down for all he's worth.

"Now get out of there before I call the police!"

Mark beats a hasty retreat!

When Mark have disappeared down the road, the three laugh together and say, "$200! What a haul!"
Mark was a victim of the Badger Game.
by Kerb November 30, 2004
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