The way inspired pro-wrestlers who have yet to reach the dream, express their love and passion for wrestling. Usually judged as brutal actions with weapons, it can just as easliy be as competitive as the real thing.
Mikee: "Man, jCj is a pretty good wrestler."

Adam Black: "Yea, and he doesn't even use weapons in his backyard wrestling matches..."
by jcjwrestlingYo November 07, 2009
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Friends getting together in one backyard, and beating the living shit out of each other, usually complimented by weapons, such as garbage can lids, chairs, and even the occasional 2x4
He just beat the crap outta him.
Well, last night, at they're backyard wrestling show, Monday Night Savage.
Oh, Cool!
by TheChameleon August 28, 2003
Term used to describe attempts, usually by kids, to recreate in their own back yards the kind of wrestling seen on television. Often done innocent of the fact that tv wrestling is well-planned and executed choroegraphed theatrical stunts, it can and frequently does lead to broken bones and other serious injury.
The poor kid got a concussion when his friend hit him in the head with a chair while they were backyard wrestling.
by The Doctor November 07, 2004
Today, this term is generally used to describe a dangerous and therefore stupid form of "fun" practiced by kids trying to emulate the Professional Wrestlers they see on T.V. But, Professional wrestlers are (1) Highly skilled martial artists (2) Professional stuntment (3) Actors. What they do is a performance, not an actual contest. Everything is planned to assure maximum safety for the participants. Of course, as in all sports and stunt work, sometimes professional wrestlers are REALLY injured, but, most of the time, when they appear to be injured, they are not injured at all.
When I was a kid, in the 60's and 70's, "backyard wrestling" referred to the arts of Throw Wrestling and Submission Wrestling (not to be confused with Throw Fighting and Submission Fighting). These are real sports that require training and rules. Throw Wrestling is similar to Aikido, and Submission Wrestling is similar to JuJitsu. A practicioner of these arts will also be able to defend themself if attacked.
by Rev. Jeff Goven January 19, 2007
An improper way to wrestle, and backyard wrestling is NOT a path to the professional wrestler.
Don't try backyard wrestling.
by ChoujinkiMetalder March 08, 2005
Something that hurts.
Mike: Holy crap, what happened to Frank?

Patrick: He got thrown off a ladder and through a flaming table during backyard wrestling.
by Freakin Frank February 21, 2009
Backyard wrestling is stupid and dangerous and should not be done without proper training. Kids usually end up getting hurt because they practice stunts that can seriously hurt or even kill themselves.
Kid #1: Hey how did you break BOTH your legs?
Kid #2: Oh I was a stupid idiot who jumped off the roof of my garage to swantom bomb my little brother.
Kid #1: You're right! You ARE an idiot!
by wwe_edgecution August 15, 2004
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