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Whilst a strapping young male is plowing away from behind at tiring verge of the lady of the house, the young male notices an unfortunate patch of unsightly hair growing on the northern rim of the balloon knot. Without diverting any noticable attention from his rear attacking duties, our young hero decides to pluck said hair why at the same time buring his shovel to an uncomfortable depth... thus creating the perfect divertion to achieve the much needed backyard gardening.

Teh kicker: this manuever is so versitile that it can be accomplished with hotwax, tweezers, or old-fashion fingers.

And thirdly: what woman isn;t thankful that you not only found the hidden hair but disposed of it. It good, honest fun.
Margo wants me to strap on my Backyard Gardner hat, because my first attempt left a hairy cheerio above her tiger Eye.
by BabySealClubSamich November 08, 2007
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