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It means that something is awesome or funny. A new word to define something awesome.
John: Wow that concert was pretty backpacking
Sue: Yeah it was!
by Kye28 October 08, 2011
1. Fucking a girl in ass while on a hike
2. Done by mounting on a female back preferably

3. Corn packing the beef (Iowan's yeah i am talking about you)
Last night me and Morgan went fishin and then she started backpackin me.
by R2DoMe, DarthInvadeHer October 03, 2010
Find a girl to give you a piggy back ride and stick your p in the b and have her run around the room.
Heidi and I went backpackin' last night in her parents room.
by draginwagin December 11, 2007
When Niggaz Stay On Ya Dick Or Be Alwayz All Ova Ya, On ya Back,

People who Will Alwayz Be Behind What You Say...Groupies

#1-p1.-Last Time I'm Gonna Ask you, What Did You Do last Night?
p2.-Nuthin' Y'all You Just Need To Stop Backpackin'

#2-He Backpackin', He Know You Suck....
by Nicey, Boy Kid Fresh June 26, 2006
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