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The expression "P in the B" comes from the online community It means Penis in the Butt and is a slang expression for anal sex.
Member: "I have this girl who keeps whining to me when we have sex, what should I do?"

Veteran: "Put the P in the B!"
by LostAngel October 15, 2004
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could also be "pee in the/her butt"
following a series of strangecore film circulating the net, that expressing has bought some ground.
oh noes! it's a lubricated funnel! someone is going to get p in the b!
by pumix June 28, 2005
Perm in the back. A Minnesota term, similar to word mullet.
Man, that dude from Saskatoon has a nasty p in the b, but he sure can skate.
by Jeff the Skid September 24, 2003

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