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short form for back acne

Origin : Bachhi
'dude, angelina has a serious case of backne'

*both pause

'lets pop em!'
by WilsonCampusSuperReject May 29, 2008
4 13
The wisespread sporadic forming of pimples and skin irritations on the dorsal side of the torso. Gross acne on the back bitch, ya'll feel me.
She was looking all fine until I turned her over and seen the backne, thats when I threw up on the bitch.
by Stevie Y December 05, 2004
41 50
a large amount of acne on a persons back.
Emma, you have backne!
by Ari November 19, 2002
24 36
A condition familiar to bodybuilders and WWE employees: acne grows on their back which, coincidentally, is where they inject their steroids.
"Look at the backne on Bobby Lashley - it's like the Pyrinees!"
by OD Smith September 15, 2007
6 19