Acne on ones back.
Jenna: When I met Adam on facebook he didn't tell me he had backne!and then we met at the beach and he had acne all over his back!

Tyler: No way! Adam has backne!
by Whoawhoa1313 March 27, 2009
The slang word describing acne on someone's back. Backne is super gross and often makes someone's back look like a full fledged case of chicken pox.
J: *sigh* I'm so in love with Logan
Haley: You shouldn't be- have you seen his awful backne?
by LoganLover116 October 27, 2010
It's acne on your back.
Mom: OMG you have so much backne!
Daughter: Backne? What's that?
Mom: It's acne on your back, stupid!
by chessne January 25, 2010
Acne on a person's back. Popularised on the tv show My Mad Fat Diary.
Rae: Why don't you want to swim, Archie?
Archie: Don't tell anyone, but I've got spots on my back, and I'm embarrassed.
Rae: You mean... backne?
by teamfailure March 04, 2014
(n) acne that forms on the back area, this can include, shoulders to lower back...not to be confused with assacne, that forms on the buttocks, particularly unpleasant to see on white pasty arses.
She shouldn't have worn that backless dress, her backne is really raw and angry.
by Lucia Demondo February 23, 2013
Zits/acne that develops on the back.
Bill: Dude, that girl's hottttttttt!
Ted: Ywah, but she has nasty backne bro!!
Bill: Oh yeah.
by Noel Gallagher's Son. December 23, 2008
a cross between back and acne.
common among teens and especially steroid abusers.
Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire must have some serious backne.
by Jim Q April 02, 2007

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