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An alias of the legend, Matt Bryant.
"Nice to meet you, my friend's call me Babyface"
by RoachmanDan August 24, 2008
19 29
Someone of Young appearence, or having a childish looking face.
Andrew Hutt.
by brendan_ July 01, 2003
373 74
A guy who has a very young and cute looking face. Like a guy with a twelve year old face on a 20 year old body.
Jason has such a babyface that they card him for cigarettes even though he's 28.
by Nika April 12, 2005
260 60
A term used in professional wrestling to describe a good guy (or a person that the fans love). The opposite of a babyface in pro wrestling is a heel.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest babyfaces, tons of fans LOVE him.
by John Duran July 11, 2004
102 54
a guy that is old but looks young
he's got such a nice babyface
by white chocolate May 11, 2003
91 46
he who has facial cheeks that can be described as: sexy wonderfull, baby cheeks and other wise just plain old goodness.
I wish i was babyfaced!!!
by the ultimate cloud October 05, 2005
36 41
The name of an American gangster who robbed banks, the name of a rapper, or a person who's posessed of baby fat about their face.
1.Babyface robbed my bank.
2. Babyface rapped in a Nike commercial once.
3. You have the most adorable babyface.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
24 50