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he who has facial cheeks that can be described as: sexy wonderfull, baby cheeks and other wise just plain old goodness.
I wish i was babyfaced!!!
by the ultimate cloud October 05, 2005
35 41
Someone of Young appearence, or having a childish looking face.
Andrew Hutt.
by brendan_ July 01, 2003
372 74
A guy who has a very young and cute looking face. Like a guy with a twelve year old face on a 20 year old body.
Jason has such a babyface that they card him for cigarettes even though he's 28.
by Nika April 12, 2005
259 60
A term used in professional wrestling to describe a good guy (or a person that the fans love). The opposite of a babyface in pro wrestling is a heel.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest babyfaces, tons of fans LOVE him.
by John Duran July 11, 2004
101 54
a guy that is old but looks young
he's got such a nice babyface
by white chocolate May 11, 2003
90 46
An alias of the legend, Matt Bryant.
"Nice to meet you, my friend's call me Babyface"
by RoachmanDan August 24, 2008
19 29
The name of an American gangster who robbed banks, the name of a rapper, or a person who's posessed of baby fat about their face.
1.Babyface robbed my bank.
2. Babyface rapped in a Nike commercial once.
3. You have the most adorable babyface.
by Joey the Nifty June 06, 2004
24 50