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slang for a womans clit, referenced in Frank Zappas song, "Baby Snakes"
"Baby snakes
Sure you know what Im talkin about
Pink n wet
They make the best kinda pet"
Taken Directly from the song "Baby Snakes"
by noin June 11, 2008
When you have an diarrhea and it comes out in small little long pieces and it burns your butthole, very similar to a venomous baby snake.
"My ass is a habitat for baby snakes!"
"I have a bad case of the baby snakes!"
by Berryphresh February 24, 2013
To Make a Mistake, Comes From Made a Mistake Being Misheard to Become Baby Snake.
That Scarecrow Has Made A Hell Of A Baby Snake.
by Jimmy Olsen April 29, 2007
Nickname for a female. Usually a female you treat as an object.
(After she reacts to an insult)
'Calm down Baby Snakes, have a piece of cheese.'
by Joshtron October 25, 2007
Something thats really easy to do, a cakewalk, a breeze.
Todd: How's that chemical reactors homework going?

Seth: Psh, its baby snakes. I'll have it done in no time.
by ambrose213 January 11, 2010
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