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when trying to act like an adult,a person fails, and has resorted to acting like a child.Wasting time with bullshit
Stop playing those baby games and get real.You and your baby games are a bunch of bullshit.You'll never hook up with her 'cause you're always playing baby games.Stop playing baby games- get your act together.
by DianeW September 25, 2007
stupid mind-fucking games the opposite sex play on each other when they like you, but can't just be honest about it.
girl 1: so what ever happened with John?
girl 2: no idea, i gave him my cell phone #, yet he only emails me, and emails me from his PHONE, then he gave me his quasi address. Stupid.
girl 1: baby games. LAME.
by squeezyesq. August 06, 2010
a word used to describe a situation which is similar to that in which an undeveloped child would play.
Her facebook name is mznewbooty...Baby Games.
by D1VA March 20, 2011