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A Phrase used When something isn't Right or Has Gone wrong

Best Used With "Thats Some"
Kev:"Damn Dev!" Your Girlfriend Cheated on you!?
Dev:Yea she Did. Whore...
Kev:"Thats Some Baby Back BullShit!"
by Devin Is Pro November 10, 2008
41 8
something that is such crap that it can't be just plain bullshit it has to go to the next level.
oh please that is some babyback bullshit!
by T.Nysha August 25, 2008
22 2
Word that describes something gay that happens to you, such as having to perform an impossible task in a very short amount of time.
What the fuck Dylan?! That's some baby back bullshit!
by Julio (Ben) June 09, 2008
14 24