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To jiggle ones male genitalia merrily or with great viggor. Babbing can also be acomplished accidently, or unprovoked by the wearing of loose undergarments while runnning. Comparable to scooping, but of the balls or penis. Studies have shown there are only minor effects on the body, besides mild chaffing and slight irritation to the genital region and/or pubic area.
We have it from the doctor of babbing himself,Babmaster, that one should bab ones self a minimum of once a day. But not more than twice, which results in playing with ones self. Which is not bad, but is not babbing.
Will: I'm babbing like crazy! (he wore boxers to track instead of briefs)

Hamburg track team: LOOK HOW BAB THAT COCK IS!
by Babmaster & associates February 19, 2009
Defecating, having a bowel movement
Melanie is babbing in the toilet
by Poogirll June 10, 2013
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