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Bring your own chicken
Hey dude, tonight's super bowl party is byoc, we won't be providing any chicken.
by Tom Brady's a cunt February 08, 2012
bring your own condom
my local rent-a-hoe has a BYOC policy.
by pylick November 06, 2004
Bring Your Own Cocaine
Grant:I'm having a some people over tonight, you guys should come. BYOB at 8pm.
Grant:What is BYOC
Patrick:Bring your own cocaine sniff sniff
by whiteout2 September 20, 2013
brig your own controller; a chill laid back night of video games with Dino gang
You have to bring your controller tonight because it's BYOC night
by markycag April 26, 2011
Friend 1: "Halo Night at Friend 3's House!"
Friend 2: "Awesome!"
Friend 3: " B.Y.O.C"
Friend 1&2: "What o-o?"
Friend 3: "Bring.Your.Own.Controller -_-"
by iLike36o October 16, 2010
Bring Your Own Controller
"Justin is having a HALO tournament tonight. But its a BYOC."
by Mariya Shadowblade January 06, 2009