Bring Your Own Container.
That take out place is BYOC.
by Green Anonymous May 14, 2011
Bring Your Own Cat. Whenever you're having a party and wish a cat was there, BRING YOUR OWN. NOBODY LIKES CATS.
"Yo dude, don't you wish some cats were at this party?"
"No man, BYOC. God damnit, nobody likes cats."
by gangstab34ts May 15, 2010
Acronym: Bring Your Own Crap. Similar to BYOB or BYOM.
It's a BYOC party.
by The Grammar Nazi June 06, 2001
Bring Your Own Cat. Term used for invitations to library parties.
Librarian: "Hey guys tonights party is going to rule"

Mo: "Will you provide the felines?"

Librarian: "Sorry its BYOC day"
by Shrak September 15, 2002
Bring Your Own Cunt.

ie: If you plan on getting laid; pick up a girl beforehand.
XXX Brothel 69 BYOC.

We're having a party of the sleazy music and no lights kind. BYOC.
by m0ns00n February 07, 2008
Brew Your Own Coffee
by Anonymous June 09, 2003

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