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Bring Your Own Cat. Whenever you're having a party and wish a cat was there, BRING YOUR OWN. NOBODY LIKES CATS.
"Yo dude, don't you wish some cats were at this party?"
"No man, BYOC. God damnit, nobody likes cats."
by gangstab34ts May 15, 2010
11 19
Bring Your Own Computer
by anonymous June 09, 2003
188 72
bring your own condom
my local rent-a-hoe has a BYOC policy.
by pylick November 06, 2004
107 56
Bring your own chicken
Hey dude, tonight's super bowl party is byoc, we won't be providing any chicken.
by Tom Brady's a cunt February 08, 2012
18 17
Bring Your Own Cocaine
Grant:I'm having a some people over tonight, you guys should come. BYOB at 8pm.
Grant:What is BYOC
Patrick:Bring your own cocaine sniff sniff
by whiteout2 September 20, 2013
3 2
brig your own controller; a chill laid back night of video games with Dino gang
You have to bring your controller tonight because it's BYOC night
by markycag April 26, 2011
19 18
Friend 1: "Halo Night at Friend 3's House!"
Friend 2: "Awesome!"
Friend 3: " B.Y.O.C"
Friend 1&2: "What o-o?"
Friend 3: "Bring.Your.Own.Controller -_-"
by iLike36o October 16, 2010
2 2
Bring Your Own Controller
"Justin is having a HALO tournament tonight. But its a BYOC."
by Mariya Shadowblade January 06, 2009
23 26