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Acronym for "bitch you ain't shit". A man's response to a woman who has a higher opinion of herself than she should.
Guy -"So are you and your girlfriends cool?"
Girl - "Well duh - have you seen the other girls in this bar?"
Guy - "BYAS"
by secondshel January 13, 2014
The word "Bye" and "Cya" slurred together to form "Bya".

Similar to heylo
Lilian: I've gotta go, Ross. :)
Ross: Alright, Bya!
Lilian: Bya!
by Lilian October 02, 2005
It's a combination of bye and ya (which everyone knows means you or you all).
I had a good time tonight guys, I'll see ya'll tomorrow...Bya
by usrodeo4 March 18, 2009
bye...goodbye...i'm leaving your sorry ass
bob's wife said "biya" before she got her shit and left.
by me March 25, 2003
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