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BVP is the acronym designating a Big Veiny Penis.
I won't fuck a guy who doesn't have a BVP, it just isn't worth my time.
by bigdickbandit November 01, 2007
32 10
Big Virgin Player
(someone who is convinced they are actually a player, but in reality is still a Virgin)
Someone who pretends to be a pimp and have sex with walmart girls.
Tyler Drazdoff is a BVP pretends to be a pimp and break girls hearts, but he is a virgin.
Someone who gets all their action in a Walmart isle.
by TdraztheBVP December 14, 2010
21 11
Beautiful Virgin Punani.
It is really amazing and it hasn't been broken because once it is the punani will go out of control.
Hanna has a BVP, I so want that.
by HannaBVP July 22, 2008
1 7