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Da BT1 is da sikest of all sik commodores ever made. The yellow VL BT1 for instance is the fastest of the fast commodore's ever made, because a) it is yellow, and b) it is also a BT1.
My Cuz's friends BT1 runz 8's on da 1/4 wif a stock turbo.
by LFTOFF February 07, 2005
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BT1, is a "tuff" high powered form of the VL commodore, they are quite frequantly colored yellow, they are quite fast cars like in some cases example: "Highway BT1", it is known that "DUCK" drives this yellow bt1 with numberplates "HIGHWAYBT1", it is also known that "Duck" attends friday night runs @ calder every weekend which she runs flat 10s. duck duck
"Oh bro i was lining up next to that highway bt1 in teh drag race and the chik inside said to me "WHAT KUNT" so i looked away"

"Farrroutt bro i see that HIGHWAYBT1 dosing all over melbourne"
by duckalienlionfrog October 02, 2006
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