Balls Stuck To Leg: When a man's ballsack skin sticks to his legs. Often causes embarrassment, as the only treatment is to grab your ballsack and pull it away.
Guy#1 :Stop touching yourself, you sick pervert!
Guy#2 :What? I have some serious BSTL.
Guy#1 :Don't you hate that?
by IBacon IBits November 16, 2009
The acronym for "Balls Stuck To Leg", which reffers to when a male's testicles are stuck to the side of his inner thigh.
Joe: "Hey man, why do you keep grabbing your balls like that?"

John: "BSTL, man"

Joe: "Oh, that bites."
by d00d_M@N_ur_1337 October 13, 2009
BSTL = Balls stuck to leg

Happens when a mans legs get really sweaty then stick to his leg. This causes much disscomfert
Wow dude! This bstl is horible.
by Wild696 April 04, 2010
Balls Stuck To Leg. Usually occurs when a man gets sweaty after working out or after making love in the back room, the man puts on his jeans and the testicles become stuck to either leg, usually very annoying when sitting. May irritate skin when pubes become caught in between
Mack: Damn it, my balls are stuck to my leg again. FUCK! Rob: yeah you call it BSTL, I get it after having hit sex With Tyler's mom.
by Robmister547 March 17, 2010
balls stuck to leg, can be the most anouying thing when your sitting in case. also very hard to make go away, but eventually you become a pro at getting rid of it while also having no one else see you do it
guy #1 "dude i had the fucking worst bstl today!
guy #2 "oh fuck off, dont be tellin' me that"
by Buck holand May 14, 2005
When your balls have become adhered to your leg; usually caused by physical activity immediately followed by a long period of inactivity.
1.Man,I went out running last night and worked up a major sweat. Then, this morning when I woke up, I had some major BSTL.

2.BSTL! BSTL! Quick! Get the prybar!
by mimesis_11 March 22, 2008
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