Acronym for "'Bam!', said the lady!". It indicates a success.
"Hey, Nathan, your phrase is catching on."

"'Bam!', said the lady"! (BSTL)
by @idlehands August 14, 2009
Bull Shit Tolerance Level - The level at which you cannot take any more bull shit.
I wanted to keep letting the guy sleep on my couch but my BSTL was maxed out.
by Red-headedRocker April 18, 2010
Acronym for balls stuck to leg
Steve was stretching his legs apart to try and get rid of his BSTL
by awesomepossum123456 March 30, 2010
It means Balls Stuck To Leg
Bob: Jerry, what the fuck are you doing?
Jerry: Dude, i have BSTL!
Bod:Aw that sucks.
by AngleWoW September 23, 2009
Stands for ball stuck to leg, or balls stuck to leg. This condition commonly occurs in humid climates when wearing loose-fitting underwear, such as boxer shorts.

When the air is very humid and the scrotum's sweat glands are active, muculent fluids will sometimes cause the scrotum to collate itself to the leg or inner thigh.
Man, I really need to get out of this class and have a shower. I have some serious BSTL going on down here.
by Sackripper September 28, 2009
BSTL is sometimes used as an acronym for "Bag stuck to leg". A BSTL is a very uncomfortable moment experienced by males when their ball sack gets stuck to their inner thigh.
Jonny began to walk funny as he was going down the street while he was trying to sort out a BSTL.
by Ronnie1134 June 24, 2010
Balls stuck to leg: an extremely uncomfortable phenomena occurring when a male wears boxer shorts in a warm environment. Often leads the male to make a an awkward gesture in which he fixes the problem by either hand or an extra long step, twisting motion whilst walking.
Girl: Did that guy just grab his package?
Guy: Dude he was fixing himself, if you had BSTL you'd understand.
by jigga_mane December 22, 2009
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