when your balls get stuck to your leg because they are sweaty, or just because you havent moved for the past hour or so
dude i got some major BSTL happenin!
by smush March 27, 2005

RT @NathanFillion "Bam, said the lady" means: There you go. Done. And... scene. Look at that! Holy Smoke! Slam dunk. I'm finished. C'est tout.
Bird Lover - Are you going to feed the birds this weekend?
Nathan Fillion - Have to work Saturday and Sunday. Birds go hungry. BSTL.
by Justice Pie August 14, 2009
"BAM said the lady." Coined by actor Nathon Fillion. Used as punctuation for effect.
"After hearing all your secerts, I feel we're all a little closer. Mine? The Incredibles was the best movie ever made. Ever. Made. BSTL." -Nathan Fillion on Twitter 8:21 PM Aug 12th
by deepstructure August 14, 2009
Acronym for "'Bam!', said the lady!". It indicates a success.
"Hey, Nathan, your phrase is catching on."

"'Bam!', said the lady"! (BSTL)
by @idlehands August 14, 2009
Bam, said the lady! Said by Nathan Fillion on Castle. According to Nathan's Twitter, this means "There you go. Done. And... scene. Look at that! Holy Smoke! Slam dunk. I'm finished. C'est tout."
Person A: Holy crap, it's a giant robot helping a kitty get out of a tree!

Person B: BSTL!
by soodoughnimh August 14, 2009
BAM! said the lady!
bstl or in spoken word: "BAM!" said the lady. "BAM!" said the lady, "but I like it." "BAM!" said the lady, "but I like it; move on."

nathan fillion
by uzi cupcake August 13, 2009
abbv. for "Bam Said The Lady". Commonly used by actor Nathan Fillion whenever he Tweets, since typing "Bam Said The Lady" can be a waste when you're limited to 140 characters.
"A reminder to Negative Nancys out there- keep it positive. It's insecure to think you have to be mean to be funny. Mean = blocked. BSTL."
by Captain Tightpants August 13, 2009

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