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BSAFS is an acronym for Butt Sex And Face Shots. BSAFS is the only reason why men put up with crazy ass bitches. BSAFS is a movement for men!
Friend: "Wow she really went off the deep end on you man. How did you keep your composure like that?"
Husband: "BSAFS mother fucker... BSAFS..."
by matholimule March 24, 2011
Acronym for Buttsex and Faceshots. Used to justify staying with a crazy female.
Joe: "That bitch is crazy. How do you deal with that shit? Why do you put up with her?"

Steve: "Bsafs, my son... bsafs."
by stepintime6 March 30, 2011
Being Sarcastic As Fuck
BSAF. I really love my job
by Steven Sanders July 28, 2011