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Slang in the medical community for a so called sedation "protocol" or lack there of. Usually used when referring to combative/non-compliant patients, it consists of getting as many nurses as possible and/or possible large male nurses that usually don't speak much English but can squat 450lbs and bench 350lbs. If done correctly BRUTAINE does not require a HAM sandwich (Haldol-Ativan-Morphine) or any sort of drugs however if you get some really crazy people you might have to hit them pretty hard with something cruel like 100mg of chlorpromazine (aka the over used anti-psychotic of the 60's!!).
Nurse Annie: Doctor! Doctor! The patient is hitting/biting/being a pain in the ass and won't calm down! Help!

Doctor Smith: Did someone request an order for some BRUTAINE?!!!! *Gets out Rx pad* Nurse Vladimir go help Nurse Annie before I get wild and finish this order for 15mg of Versed to sedate that crazy GOMER that's been sitting here for weeks.

Nurse Vladimir: Yes Doctor /Russian accent. *Proceeds to overhead press patient then forcefully straps him into restraints in his bed*
by CTU_FieldAgent200 July 01, 2011
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