A confused hispanic and/or caucasian generally dressing hafl Cholo half Bro. Generally wears a cream color polo buttoned to the top striped chinos and converse all stars.
Ryan: AYY Bro Namath why you lockin the car doors like that?

Luke: I cant tell if that dude on the corner is a Bro or a Cholo

Ryan; Straight Brolo from where im sittin
by RUSSITHABOSS November 16, 2011
When a frat brother cuts the arms off his polo shirt
BRO 1:Yo bro thats a sick polo.

BRO 2:It's a brolo get it straight
by drock6 May 03, 2011
when a person (lacrosse player) where two more polos together.
lax bro: "i got both my collars popped. my brolo is looking fresh."
by ajm99 June 12, 2012
A type of guitar solo common in deathcore, generally involving excessive sweep picking with no real purpose other than to display technical prowess. Usually followed by a breakdown.
"Holy shit bro, the dudes from Winds of Plague are fucking amazing guitarists!"
"No. Bro-los don't impress me, and you're gay."
by And Fuck You Too! December 29, 2009
A brother lover: when your BFF hooks up with your brother she then becomes a brolo.
Leah hooked up with Andy-what a brolo.

Leah hooked up with Pat too-total brolo move.
by TGC crazy August 09, 2013
Bros only live once, the non-gay version of yolo.
Beer for breakfast, not because you want to, but because you're experiencing withdrawal. Brolo
by Ghulk July 16, 2012
A mate who is really whipped on a girl/girlfriend.
Far out! Adam is such a brolo
by Chase Stanley August 16, 2014

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