Noun. Your friend, compadre, or partner in crime. Can be used as a synonym for "bro, dude, homey" etc.
You buy that super trainwreck, brolo?

Want to go see Sin City, brolo?

I'll take this b-rip and we can toss the disc, okay brolo?
by The San Diego Kid April 19, 2005
When a brodaddy is trying to kick it but all of the other brodaddies are busy doing some bullshit.
"I had to go brolo last night and pregame to Family Guy alone because my roommate had some gay-ass Econ 2 final.
by Osage Dictionary October 24, 2007
A Mexican Bro.
Chad and Luke went bro spotting they saw a brolo.
by brolomaster June 30, 2009
Brolo is the act of loving another person as if they were your brother.
Guy1: Alright dude well ill talk to you later.
Guy2: Alright man Brolo.
Guy1: Brolo you too.
by mjc i is bad August 19, 2014

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