A massive head of hair resulting from lack of maintenance from a barber, stylist, or simply, a set of hair clippers. The individual who has his hair christened with this descriptive word cannot be of African descent, since the hair type belonging to this race has an unfair advantage in achieving fro status, thus, disqualifying them from receiving such title. Also, depending on the region, junglehead can be substituted for the above mentioned word.
Damn, dude. have you seen Rob Machado lately? He's rockin' a massive BRO-FRO.
by el_canela_long_beach August 19, 2008

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where a persons side burn ends. your brofro could be at your cheekbone or your chin bone, depending on the length of your sideburns.
Jesse Katsopolis' brofro level changed each season of Full House, to keep up to date with the current sideburn styles.
by shish 101 April 03, 2005

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