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An acronym which stands for:


A descriptor of a slightly geeky yet inexplicably attractive IT guy/gal, artist, or graphic designer.
Did you see the new BRG down in IT? He's so cute - I'm totally asking him out.
by Isabella Anderson August 09, 2010
acranim standing for big retarted guy.a large man with extremely bad body odor.must have board out anus hole.known for hibernating for multiple months at a time.also masterbates excesivly at home and in the bathroom at work.
hey b.r.g. i saw you breaking into the morg. last night to make love to dead anus. your such a neckrofecalfeliac.
by stoph March 01, 2004
Belle Rive Gang. the gang that owns all of Brentwood Tennessee...all of it.
Q. does the state of tennsessee own brentwood?
A. no, the BRG does
by frediopolis September 02, 2005
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