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sew up your pussy and be a man. from LSU lacrosse
pussy: im afraid i might get hurt.

badass: damn dude, you need to sew it up and be a man
by frediopolis July 10, 2006
Belle Rive Gang. the gang that owns all of Brentwood Tennessee...all of it.
Q. does the state of tennsessee own brentwood?
A. no, the BRG does
by frediopolis September 02, 2005
the best country on earth
why the united states owns:
best military on earth,
4th largest in land mass,
smartest people,
the fact that america started out as a group of rebels and is now the most powerful nation on earth,
we have the nukes!
if it wasnt for america, the world would be ruled by nazis,
most of the worlds music is from america,
we MADE china redo their currency,
the most technically advanced ppl on earth,
if we wanted to, we could kick canada's ass,
best movies.

theres more, but i cant think of the right now
by frediopolis October 13, 2005

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