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smart, sophisticated, classy
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
This awesome kool guy who is so talented and artistic, fun to be around, dosent really like showing emotions so when he eventually does and opens up it's meaningful, his also a good athlete with a good body, it's not easy to get to him. Don't get on his bad side bc he dosnet take bs, he likes to be respected & will only respect you if you do the same. He will make mean jokes about things or ppl but they're funny so you can't get mad.
Breon: That gurl smiled and she had a huge gap I got scared and just kept looking down the cracks on the concrete looked better than her gap!

Me: OMG ! That is so mean ( but laughs)
#brion #breon #breyan #briyan #brian
by Principio January 10, 2014
a boy not a man that thinks he is the shit so he tries to play two girls at one time.. but they find out, he looks like a shithead because he is one and the girls wonder how he got them in the first place because lets face it he has a small penis
Breon is a shit head
#breon #shithead #man whore #player with no game #retard
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