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It refers to Beats Per Minute. It's used to describe the tempo of music, especially any type of dance-oriented modern music.
Rave, techno, disco, Hi NRG, house and other clubby dance styles all have a high BPM.
by Starpunk October 05, 2008
BPM is an Acronym for Beats Per Minute. It means, how many beats in some song appear in a minute, and it describes the tempo of the song. This word is used mainly in the context of electronic music.
This Track has an amazing 300 BPM.
by Doctor Robert December 19, 2006
beats per minute (commonly used in konami's dance dance revolution
'whats the bpm?'
by **me** December 13, 2003
BPM (Beats Per Minute): The metric unit used for extremely fast and hard sex.
"I was going at 100BPM last night!"
"She wanted me to make love to her but I couldn't resist the urge to BPM"
"What do you know about 100BPM?!"
by Jack_Di December 19, 2013
"Bitches per minute" The number of complaints or senseless grievances that a person spews out every minute.
"Man, Dustin's bpms are through the roof!"

"Dustin, your bpms are starting to annoy the fuck out of me."
by Sambogina February 10, 2009
Acronym, meaning Bitch, Piss, and Moan. Used to indicate excessive complaining.
Guy #1: Why are you back so early? I thought you had a date or something...

Guy #2: Yeah, well I dropped her off on the side of the road before we got to the restaurant. She decided to BPM the whole way, and I had enough.

Guy #1: I don't blame you. She sounds like a bitch.
by QuantumSpectre August 06, 2011
boobs per minute.

How many boobs you see on a set time scale.
At mardi gras I was seeing at least 5 bpm.
by slipknottin March 23, 2011